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Cheek Surgery


  • Cheek augmentation is an effective technique to improve facial form and enhance cheeks that lack definition or volume in individuals with weak bony structure or where tissue volume has been lost due to aging, resulting in a narrow or flat face.
  • Cheek definition and profile can be enhanced with different materials ranging from soft tissue augmentation with fillers or Fat Grafting to more solid and longer lasting material such as facial implants.
  • These are several type of check implants ranging from off-the-shelf implant to customized patient-specific implants designed individually for each patient. Similarly, there are different type(s) of implant that materials such as Silicon, PEEK or Medpor and each have their individual indications.
  • Mr Mattine offers a diverse range of options ranging from soft tissue augmentation to hard tissue augmentation with various type of facial implants.


  • Cheek enhancement with Implants is relatively simple and an attractive option in improving facial aesthetics. However, many patients often report dissatisfaction with the outcome of their check implant surgery. This is primarily due to poor diagnosis of the type of the deformity, poor placement or inappropriate selection of the size, shape or type of the implant.
  • Other factors contributing to poor outcome is the failure to fix the implant, resulting in migration of the implant and subsequent facial asymmetry and in some cases recurrent infection due to movement. With extensive experience in complex facial deformities and an in-depth knowledge and understanding of facial anatomy, Mr Mattine has developed techniques that minimise these risks.
  • When cheek implants are placed in conjunction with other surgical procedure such as a facelift or eyelid surgery, the implants can be inserted through incisions made for those procedures. However, when placed as the sole treatment, these implants can be placed through small incisions made in the mouth or the lower eyelids to avoid unnecessary scaring.
Cheek Surgery 2
  • Cheek implants have the advantages of short and relatively safe surgery with dramatic improvement and permanent results, feeling natural to your bone and availability of multiple options for shape, size, and projection to customize the desired look.

Liposculpting (Fat grafting):

This is an alternative technique where weak cheeks can be augmented using patients own fat and has shown to provide reliable and lasting improvement in patient’s profile.

Facial Fillers:

Facial Fillers can be used to enhance facial contour and improve definition of the cheeks. They are however short lasting and often need to be repeated. They are great in simulating the effects of cheek implants before considering the lasting surgical changes of an implant.



Short and relatively safe surgery
Dramatic improvement and permanent results
Feeling natural to your bone
Availability of multiple options for shape, size, and materialand hence able to customise the desired look


Provide immediate improvement
Avoids surgery and minimal downtime
Safe and effective for most patients
Lower up-front cost
Effects are short lasting if unsure