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Neck Lift

  • One of the most frequent reasons when seeking cosmetic surgery is the undesirable effects of aging on the neck. Many patients are particularly concerned with excess saggy skin in the neck, excess bulk under the chin and poorly defined separation between the chin and the neck.
  • As we age the skin loses elasticity and fat continues to deposit in the neck. This submental fullness, saggy skin and often weakened muscles and prominent salivary glands can result in poor and unattractive appearance of the neck.
  • Procedures such as neck lift and liposuction are amongst the most efficient cosmetic surgery procedures in improving one’s appearance and self-confidence.
  • There are different surgical procedures to enhance the neck, and each should be individualised according to the specific contributing anomaly.
  • Mr Mattine has designed a highly effective technique to specifically treat excess fat and skin in the neck, improve the jawline and create a more defined and youthful looking neck.


  • Liposuction: This procedure removes fat beneath the skin and refashions the chin and neck contour.
  • Neck-lift: This is to remove excess skin and tighten the deeper suspending structures of the neck and can be done in isolation or in combination with a facelift to achieve more effective outcome.
  • Submentoplasty: is a surgical procedure using a small incision under the chin to suspend the supporting muscles of the anterior neck and remove excess fat. This has a remarkable effect in enhancing the sharp angle between the neck and the chin and improving the jawline.
  • Chin/Jaw Surgery: Receding chin or an under-devolved jaw can similarly result in a double chin. This is due to a deficiency in the underling skeletal framework that is inadequate to support the existing soft tissue. Jaw surgery such as osteotomy or genioplasty or alternatively augmentation with an implant is often needed to enhance the neck contour and appearance in these cases.
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