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Laser Facial Resurfacing Meeting, London

Spending the day at the Laser Facial Resurfacing meeting in London! Hearing about the latest trends in skin rejuvenation with the revolutionary and highly versatile Era® Laser Devices, known for their unmatched margin of safety and minimal downtime– resulting in […]

Masterclass Lectures on A-Z of Facelift and Aesthetics of Chin and Neck at the 7th...

Back here again amongst friends and esteemed colleagues at the 7th IRFPSC Conference in Tehran. Great honour to be invited as one of the two international speakers. Gave a marathon talk on A-Z of facelift and 2 keynote talks on […]

Invited Speaker at European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery Annual Congress, 2019, Amsterdam

Finished the day in Amsterdam by giving a talk on Deep Plane Facelift, my third lecture as an invited faculty at the Congress. Also presented my approach to managing the challenges of Total Nasal Reconstruction and Midface Reconstruction with Microvascular […]

Teaching as an Invited International faculty at the Paris Free Flap Course, June 2019.

Another fabulous meeting in Paris. Honoured to be part of the faculty and having the opportunity to train the next generation of trainees dedicated to a future in microvascular surgery. Fabulous opportunity to catch up with my good friends particularly […]

Invited Faculty and speaker at the 10th Congress of the World Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery,...

An amazing meeting on Reconstructive Microsurgery and gathering of international experts sharing their ideas and enlightening presentations by giants in the field, Professors Fu-Chan Wei, Isao Koshima and Peter Neligan. Honoured to be part of the Invited International Faculty and […]

Barcelona Oculoplastics Conference– (B)OC – 2019.

Arguably one of the leading international meetings dedicated to the recent updates in cosmetic and functional surgery of the periocular area. Catching up with good friend and guru in this field, Raman Malhotra.

Speaking as an invited International Faculty at the Asian Society of Head & Neck Oncology...

Great to be invited back as an international faculty and honoured to give two talks at one of my favourite cities where I have met some amazing colleagues who have become good friends. An amazing conference organised to the highest […]

Spire Hospital Showcasing one of Mr Mattine’s Facelift patients on the hospital website

Forever Young – at 60 Sarah is still loving life in the fast lane Read her story: here

A video Clip featuring Mr Mattine, posted on Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust Website

The gift of life this Christmas Please view the video here

Invited International Speaker 16th International Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery Meeting in Tehran December...

Honoured to be invited back as an international faculty in this fabulous meeting. Gave 4 lectures and participated in two expert panels. My talk on “Facelift: How do I do it” certainly got a lot of interest and generated very […]

Invited Speaker at the at the Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, in conjunction...

Great to be back in Seoul and honoured to be speaking at the Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery conference. Another amazing meeting at the highest level organised by the Plastic Surgery team in Seoul. Great credit to Prof JW […]

Speaking at the 24th European Association for Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery Congress in Munich, September 2018.

Great platform to share new ideas and innovations in surgery. I gave 3 talks on Microvascular Reconstruction in Head and Neck, Supermicrosurgery, my experience with the Free Style Proximal Peroneal Artery Perforator Flap.

At the European Academy of facial Plastic Surgery Annual Conference in Regensburg, Germany, September 2019

Teaching as an Invited International faculty at the Paris Face Rendez-Vous, June 2018.

Trips to Paris in June have become a regular part of annual calendar. Back here as an invited international faculty teaching free flap techniques to surgeons from all around the world. Arguably one of the best free flap courses anywhere, […]

Invited International Speaker at the 6th International Rhinology & Facial Plastic Surgery Conference in Tehran,...

Another international meeting, this time visiting Tehran as an invited speaker, perhaps the world capital of cosmetic surgery, sharing, learning and discussing novel techniques in Facial Plastic Surgery. My contribution through two lectures on Reconstructive Microvascular Surgery and panellist on […]

Visiting Professor Fu Chang Wei at the prestigious Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taiwan

I grew up as a trainee reading his books and papers with full admiration for his contribution to the field of Reconstructive Surgery. Although I have been privileged to have known him for a few years, the journey had never […]

Speaking as an Invited International faculty at PRS Korea 2017, the Korean Society of Plastic...

Congratulations to Professor Jong Woo Choi, my good friend and Director of the Academic Affairs Committee of PRS 2017, for organising such a high calibre and well attended meeting. I was privileged to give a lecture on Pushing the Boundaries […]

Honoured to be invited to speak at the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery Meeting...

I spoke of my recent developments with perforator flaps, introducing the Free Style Peroneal Artery Perforator Flap to the European Academy. A joy to catch up with good friends and mentors in the field. Fazil Apaydin, the new president of the […]

Invited Speaker at the 7th International Congress of Pan Asian Academy of Facial Plastic &...

Amazing congress organised at the famous city of Shiraz. The highlight of my trip was undoubtedly visiting the ruins of Persepolis and the tomb of Cyrus the Great, the epicentre of Persian empire in 2500 BC.

Teaching at the Paris Free Flap Course

Doing what I enjoy most, sharing in my experience in Microvascular tissue transfer, teaching and training other surgeons enthusiastic in developing a future in advanced reconstructive surgery. An excellent opportunity to get together with good friends from other parts of […]

Visiting the prestigious and internationally recognised centre for Reconstructive Surgery, ASAN Medica Centre, Seoul, South...

A great note of appreciation to my friends and esteemed colleagues in the Plastic Surgery Department at ASAN Medical Centre! A privilege to be in the company of great surgeons, Prof CW Choi, Prof. Tae Suk Oh and the rest […]

Speaking at the 23rd International Maxillofacial Surgery Conference in Hong Kong, April 2017

A joy to be back and speak in one my all-time favourite cities on the planet where I spend some time as a trainee. Gave several talks and chaired a session on Head and Neck Reconstruction.

Visiting the famous Nippon Medical School Hospital in Tokyo, the Centre for Reconstructive Surgery, Japan.

Visiting this centre of excellence and meeting up with good friend and a leader in his field, Professor Rei Ogawa. The customary Japanese dinner and drinks followed! Amazing City with so much culture and history and gives a new meaning […]