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  • Samuel Mattine is one of the UK’s foremost authorities in the field of facial plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery. Trained in a number of high profile hospitals and institutions across the UK and France, Samuel Mattine has the rare accolade of dual fellowship in Head & Neck Surgery as well as Craniofacial Surgery.
  • Today, Samuel Mattine is proud to offer one of the most extensive portfolios of advanced facial procedures for male and female patients in Milton Keynes. From the simplest aesthetic corrections to complex functional facial surgery for improved health and wellbeing, every patient is guaranteed the utmost in pride, passion and professionalism from Mr. Mattine.
  • During your initial consultation with Samuel Mattine, you’ll have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like and discuss a variety of treatment options to suit your requirements. Call anytime to book your 100% obligation-free consultation with Mr. Mattine.


Facelift surgery provides men and women of all ages with the opportunity to fight back against several common signs of ageing. Safer and more sophisticated than ever before, 21st century facelift procedures combine remarkable results with long lasting effectiveness. One of the UK’s most extensively qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeons, Samuel Mattine offers a dynamic range of facelift surgery options for men and women including:

Mini Facelift – targets specific problem areas of the face
Mid-Facelift – restores suppleness and smoothness to the face
Deep-Plane Lift – extends the benefits and effects to the neck
Designer Facelifts – tailored from scratch to suit all requirements

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Neck Lift

The thin and sensitive skin of the neck naturally succumbs to the aging process quicker than other areas of the body. The result of which is sagging, wrinkling and creasing of the skin, which can add to a person’s perceived age. Rather than losing pride in your appearance and letting your confidence suffer, why not fight back with the latest techniques in neck lift surgery or platysmaplasty. Rather than simply covering up the problem, this advanced form of neck lift surgery physically tightens the skin of the neck by eliminating problematic fat deposits by discreet incisions. By physically removing excess skin and problematic fat deposits through small incisions, the skin of the neck is tightened, wrinkles are removed, and suppleness is restored. Submentoplasty and liposuction can also deliver comparable results, getting to work right at the heart of the issue by targeting the source of the problem beneath the surface of the skin. Restoring suppleness and youthfulness for long-lasting confidence could be easier than you think, with the most advanced techniques in necklift surgery from Samuel Mattine.

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Eyelid (Blepharoplasty)

Drooping eyelids occur when the muscles supporting the eyelids lose their strength and the skin around the eyes becomes thinner and less elastic. Sagging skin and drooping eyelids are among the first and most noticeable signs of ageing, though can be quickly and safely corrected with blepharoplasty. Blepharoplasty is a popular type of eyelid surgery, which focuses on long-lasting results by targeting the problem at its source. Problematic skin and muscle tissue around the eyelid is manipulated or removed, alongside excess fat deposits for smoother and tighter skin. All of which is performed through small and discreetly positioned incisions to practically eliminate visible scarring.

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Nose (Rhinoplasty)

The field of nose surgery has reached a point so advance that almost any cosmetic or functional issue can now be addressed with remarkable effectiveness and in complete confidence. Samuel Mattine’s experience and expertise extend to all types of functional rhinoplasty and cosmetic rhinoplasty, tailored in all instances to suit the unique requirements of the patient. Along with functional rhinoplasty and cosmetic rhinoplasty for aesthetic and health complaints respectively, Mr. Mattine also specialises in revision rhinoplasty to correct issues with prior surgeries and reconstructive rhinoplasty for more extensive and complex requirements.

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Brow Lift

Among male and female patients across Milton Keynes, brow surgery is a popular option for turning back the hands of time. Capable of quickly and effectively correcting one of the most common signs of ageing, a brow lift involves the surgical manipulation of the subdermal tissues and repositioning of the skin to restore smoothness, suppleness and youthfulness. All of which is typically carried out under local anaesthetic, with little to no residual scarring. The removal of deeper wrinkles and frown lines may call for a more intensive full forehead lift, which can dramatically improve the appearance of the skin by way of a safe and painless procedure. During your consultation with Mr. Mattine, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss all of the options available and choose a suitable course of treatment.

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Ear (Otoplasty)

The latest advances in Pinnaplasty and Otoplasty allow for even the most extensive aesthetic issues affecting the ears to be corrected quickly, safely and with remarkable effectiveness. As an added bonus, most types of ear surgery carried out by Samuel Mattine in Milton Keynes produce results that are not just long lasting, but permanent. Otoplasty involves the manipulation and adjustment of the cartilage inside the ear to create the desired shape and structure, through small incisions in the skin. Pinnaplasty is a popular form of ear augmentation, wherein the cartilage and soft tissues of the ears are adjusted prior to the ear being ‘pinned back’ for a less prominent appearance.

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Cheek Implant

Cheek augmentation provides male and female patients of all ages with the opportunity to dramatically improve facial structure and bring out their most defining facial features. One common form of cheek augmentation is buccal fat removal – aka buccal fat pad extraction – which creates definition and restores youthfulness through the strategic elimination of unwanted fat deposits beneath the surface of the skin. Cheeky implant surgery is another popular option, which involves the careful positioning of custom implants within the tissues of the cheeks, implanted through small and discreet incisions to minimise scarring. Whether the intention is to enhance or reduce the prominence of your cheeks, the latest advances in cheek augmentation are no less than remarkable.

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Chin Surgery

Millions of people across the UK are dissatisfied with the size, position, evenness or shape of their chin. Many of whom being unaware of just how safe, simple and effective advanced chin augmentation procedure can be. Suitable for men and women of most ages, genioplasty involves the careful cutting, manipulation and adjustment of the bone structure supporting the chin itself, whereas mentoplasty achieves similar results through the manipulation of the muscles and soft tissues around the chin bone. Chin implants can also be positioned below the surface of the skin to create a prominent and defined look, whereas a chin that is already overly defined or excessively large can be corrected with a chin reduction. Samuel Mattine also specialises in advanced Liposculpture and facial fillers, which can typically be performed under local anaesthetic and involve the bare minimum downtime.

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Facial Reconstruction

The importance of working with an appropriately capable and qualified professional when considering facial reconstruction surgery cannot be overstated. Comparatively few plastic surgeons in the UK are qualified or experienced enough to perform all types of facial reconstruction surgery, which is often a requirement in the wake of a traumatic accident or illness. From advanced forehead surgery to restorative jaw surgery to mouth cancer care, Samuel Mattine has unrivalled experience in all aspects of facial reconstruction surgery. Whatever your requirements and expectations, you will not find a more extensively capable surgeon operating in Milton Keynes or anywhere else in the UK.

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Lip Lift

The appeal of a surgical lip lift lies in its ability to reverse several tell-tale signs of ageing by way of one safe and simple cosmetic procedure. Through the surgical manipulation and repositioning of the skin and tissues above the lip, the lip is physically elevated to a higher position. The result of which is the reversal of sagging and drooping, while at the same time combating fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin for a youthful appearance. Another popular type of lip lift surgery is the corner lip lift, which uses a similar technique to correct ‘sad mouth’ and restore the skin’s natural smoothness. Lip lift surgery is suitable for male and female patients alike, promising much longer lasting results than conventional lip fillers.

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Cosmetic Surgery for Men

The latest advances in cosmetic surgery are not exclusive to female patients. Across Milton Keynes and the rest of the UK, male patients in growing numbers are demonstrating an interest in cosmetic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Samuel Mattine is one of a select handful of skilled surgeons to have responded to this growing demand with a complete range of specialist cosmetic procedures and treatments for men.

Popular surgeries currently available from Samuel Mattine include the following among others: Male Rhinoplasty, Eyelid Surgery (Blephroplasty), Chin Surgery, Ear Correction, Neck Surgery, Cheek Surgery, Bespoke Facelifts, Lip Correction.

However minor or extensive your requirements may be, it’s essential to choose a skilled surgeon who understands the unique nature of male plastic surgery.

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Non-Surgical Treatment

Advancements in non-surgical cosmetic techniques and technologies have paved the way for an entirely new era of 100% non-invasive treatments for male and female patients. Along with a comprehensive catalogue of traditional surgical procedures, Samuel Mattine is a leading specialist in all types of non-surgical treatments of exceptional quality. Today, an extensive range of common issues affecting the face and other areas of the body can be corrected with absolutely no invasive surgery required. Popular non-surgical treatments for patients in Milton Keynes include Botox injections, facial fillers, chemical peels, laser skin treatments and the non-surgical removal of all types of benign skin lesions.

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Skin Lesions

The removal of most types of skin lesions is purely optional, though can make a big difference to the appearance of the skin. The routine removal of benign moles, cysts, warts and skin tags can be carried out in a variety of ways, usually involving cryotherapy, chemical treatments or surgical removal. All of which are comprehensively safe and painless, with no disruptive downtime involved. Where more serious skin lesions that pose a potential risk to your health are concerned, it is essential to work with an experienced and qualified practitioner you can trust. This is particularly true for skin cancer patients or the diagnosis of skin cancer, which may subsequently require immediate treatment.

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