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  • Samuel Mattine is a leading provider of advanced facial plastic surgery for London and the surrounding region. A noted specialist in all types of functional and cosmetic facial procedures, and with a practice exclusively dedicated to Plastic and cosmetic Surgery of the Face, Mr Mattine has earned a flawless track record by combining decades of knowledge and experience with state-of-the-art technology at his private clinic.
  • One of the most qualified and accomplished surgeons in his field, Mr Mattine covers the full spectrum of Facial surgical and non-invasive cosmetic procedures for female and male patients. Every treatment provided is tailored to meet the individual requirements and objectives of the patient, with flexible payment options available to suit most budgets.
  • Whether you have decided on a specific cosmetic procedure or would simply like to learn more about any aspect of Facial Plastic Surgery, Mr Mattine would be delighted to provide you with an obligation-free consultation to discuss the available options. Call or e-mail anytime to learn more.


Advancements in facelift surgery have paved the way for the safest and most effective procedures ever performed in London. Suitable for female and male patients, Samuel Mattine provides the UK’s most extensive and diverse range of facelift surgery options. Popular examples of which include mini facelift surgery for treatment of localised issues, mid-facelift surgery for improvements localized to midface, Deep Plane facelift, and Mr Mattine’s exclusive bespoke designer facelift, which delivers multiple benefits from a single package of treatment.

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Neck Lift

Sagging and wrinkling skin around the neck or heavy neck is one of the most common and prominent signs of aging, which can begin to appear at almost any time in life. This is where neck lift surgery can make a real difference, through the removal of excess skin and fat deposits to restore the neck’s smooth, supple and youthful appearance. There are numerous alternative procedures available that can reduce sagging and wrinkling of the neck and jaw line, including liposuction and Submentoplasty for targeted fat deposit removal. Such procedures can be performed under both local or general anesthesia depending on the clients preference.

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Eyelid (Blepharoplasty)

As the muscles supporting the eyelids weaken as part of the natural ageing process, they begin to droop, stretch and lose their firmness. Precision eyelid surgery is one of Mr Mattine’s areas of expertise, utilising advanced techniques to restructure the tissues around the eyelids and restore smoothness to the skin. Blepharoplasty targets the source of the issue, removing problematic muscle, fat, and skin tissue to correct the position of the eyelid long-term. It is also a relatively simple procedure carried out for male and female patients in London, with minimal residual scarring and a short recovery period.

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Nose (Rhinoplasty)

Samuel Mattine has unrivalled experience and expertise in all aspects of rhinoplasty, covering all types of functional and aesthetic rhinoplasty for patients in London. He treats a significant number of patients who come to see him specifically for Revision Rhinoplasty. Aesthetic rhinoplasty is performed to adjust the structure of the nose for cosmetic purposes, resulting in improved facial balance, symmetry and definition. Functional rhinoplasty is suitable for the correction of issues that may be affecting the health and wellbeing of the patient in question, such as a deviated septum. Mr Mattine is also one of the UK’s leading specialists in major reconstructive rhinoplasty, which can be performed for cosmetic or functional purposes, or a combination of both.

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Brow Lift

Typically performed under local anaesthetic, a brow lift quickly reverses one of the most prominent signs of aging long-term. Subdermal tissues are adjusted and restructured through small incisions around the hairline, enabling the skin to be repositioned for a smooth and even appearance. Mr Mattine’s areas of expertise also extend to intensive full forehead lift procedures, which involve similar surgical techniques though are performed over a more extensive area. All procedures performed by Mr Mattine and meticulously planned and conducted with safety, satisfaction and minimal recovery times as a priority.

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Chin Surgery

Mr Mattine’s portfolio of chin augmentation procedures in London extends to all types of enhancements including implants, reductions and general alterations. Genioplasty is a form of chin surgery that involves the adjustment of the shape and definition of the bone structure, whereas mentoplasty achieves improved appearance through the precise manipulation of the tissues and muscles around the chin. Liposculpture is another popular chin surgery option in London, as is the use of facial fillers as a non-invasive alternative option. Many types of chin surgery can be performed under local anaesthetic, though more extensive procedures may require a general anaesthetic and an overnight stay. All of which will be discussed during your initial consultation with Mr Mattine.

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Buccal Fat Pad Reduction

Buccal fat reduction surgery is cutting-edge cosmetic procedure for the face, which creates a slimmer and more defined appearance by removing excess fat deposits. A certain amount of fat beneath the surface of the skin is essential to create a youthful and healthy appearance. However, excessive fullness of the face is associated with an uneven and undefined look, which can make it difficult to achieve pride in your appearance. By removing excess fat deposits from targeted locations around the cheeks, buccal fat reduction can create a less rounded and significantly more defined and attractive look. A popular outpatient procedure among male and female patients in London, buccal fat reduction is performed via discreet incisions between the cheeks and gums for minimal residual scarring and is often performed under local anaesthetia. Mr Mattine is a noted leader in the field of safe and effective buccal fat reduction in London – call or email anytime to learn more.

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Forehead Reduction / Hairline Lowering

As the forehead makes up approximately one-third of the face, it is one of the most prominent and defining features of the entire body. Soft tissue and bone abnormalities around the forehead can adversely affect proportionality, just as a raised hairline can result in a forehead that appears unusually large or elongated. Samuel Mattine specialises in an extensive range of surgical procedures for issues affecting the forehead and hairline, including brow bone reduction, brow bone augmentation and forehead plasty. All of which can dramatically improve facial harmony and proportionality for an improved appearance.

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Jawline Enhancement Surgery

Jawline surgery can be performed for a variety of cosmetic and functional purposes. One of the most common types of jawline surgery performed in London is the precision ‘shaving’ of the jaw line for a slimmer appearance, or to enhance a jawline that lacks definition. Jawline surgery can also be performed to correct issues with an uneven jaw or incorrect alignment of the teeth, bringing welcome relief to those who may find it difficult or even painful to chew. If you would like to learn more about the latest advances in jawline enhancement surgery in London, book your obligation-free consultation with Samuel Mattine today.

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Lip Lift

Most patients considering lip surgery set out to enhance the appearance of their lips by increasing fullness and definition. Lip fillers can be great for creating fuller and thicker lips, they are however short lasting and a more appropriate and permanent procedure could be an upper lip lift. Rather than simply boosting the size and fullness of the lips, lip lift surgery creates a more sculpted and defined appearance. All while potentially reversing some of the most common signs of ageing such as thinning or elongation of the lip, thus restoring a more youthful and attractive appearance. Generally, the Lip Lift patients are frustrated with repeated need for lip fillers or patients with elongated upper lip and thinning and inversion of the pink lip. These patients often do not show teeth when smiling and have a long Philtrum. The lift gives the upper lip a lighter and more defined appearance with greater volume and tooth show. Mr. Mattine also specialises in advanced lip corner lift surgery for male and female patients in London. All of which guarantee long lasting results from a safe and painless procedure.

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Cosmetic Surgery for Men

Committed to helping as many patients as possible achieve a look they can be proud of, Samuel Mattine is also a leading specialist in cosmetic surgery for men in London. All procedures are tailored to meet the individual requirements and priorities of each patient, enabling men of all ages to preserve their youthful looks and take pride in their appearance.

Popular cosmetic procedures for men in London include the following: Male Rhinoplasty, Eyelid Surgery (Blephroplasty), Chin Surgery, Ear Correction, Neck Surgery, Cheek Surgery, Bespoke Facelifts, Lip Correction and Buccal Fat Pad Reduction. Call or e-mail anytime to learn more about Mr Mattineā€™s surgical and non-invasive cosmetic procedures for male patients in London.

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Ear (Otoplasty)

Pinnaplasty is the procedure most commonly referred to as ‘pinning back’ the ears, where one or both of the ears protrudes excessively from the side of the head. Meanwhile, Otoplasty is a different type of ear surgery performed to alter the physical structure and/or size of the ears for aesthetic improvements. As one of the most accomplished and capable ear surgeons for patients in London, Samuel Mattine is able to perform all types of Pinnaplasty and Otoplasty with permanent results in mind. Book your obligation-free consultation anytime to discuss the potential benefits of Pinnaplasty and Otoplasty in more detail.

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Cheek Implant

Improvements in safety and effectiveness have prompted more male and female patients in London to consider cheek implants or cheek augmentation surgery than ever before. One of the most popular surgical procedures is buccal fat pad extraction, which involves the precise removal of problematic fat deposits from beneath the surface of the skin. Cheek implant surgery utilises implants to adjust the shape, size and definition of the cheeks, in accordance with the requirements of the patient. This surgery is performed via small and discreet incisions to reduce residual scarring and minimise recovery times.

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Facial Reconstruction

Major facial reconstruction surgery is typically only required in the wake of an accident or surgery (following treatment for cancer) that causes serious damage to the face. This is one of the most complex and demanding areas in the field of facial surgery, within which Samuel Mattine is a respected and noted leader. Facial reconstruction surgery incorporates many types of advanced jaw surgery, urgent treatments for mouth cancer patients, complex forehead surgery and more. Call or email anytime if you have any questions regarding facial reconstruction surgery or any of the other services provided by Mr Mattine.

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Non-Surgical Treatment

For patients who would prefer not to go ‘under the knife’ but would still like to make noticeable improvements to their appearance, Mr Mattine now offers an extensive range of non-invasive cosmetic procedures. Suitable for male and female patients in London, non-surgical cosmetic treatment provides a fast, affordable and accessible alternative to more intensive surgical procedures. Popular services provided by Mr Mattine include Botox injections, chemical peels, laser skin treatments, facial fillers and many more besides. Each performed to ensure long-lasting results with little to no recovery time and consistently competitive prices.

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Skin Lesions

Skin lesions may need to be removed for medical purposes, or simply to im-prove the appearance of the skin. Most types of moles, cysts, warts and skin tags can be removed quickly and easily, with the latest advances in cryotherapy and cosmetic surgery. Samuel Mattine provides professional, obligation-free consultations for patients in London with concerns regarding skin lesions and abnormalities that may call for removal. Advanced and urgent services are also available for patients with skin cancer – contact Mr Mattine anytime to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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