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  • Proudly working with discerning patients across Cheltenham and Gloucestershire for more than 5 years, Samuel Mattine is a leading specialist in advanced Facial Plastic Surgery. An experienced and extensively qualified surgeon, Samuel Mattine dedicates his entire practice exclusively to common and non-standard facial procedures.
  • Along with a comprehensive range of facelift, eye lid surgery, facial implants, fat grafting, otoplasty and rhinoplasty, Samuel Mattine also provides a wide variety of non-surgical procedures for men and women alike. Tailored to suit the preferences and priorities of each client individually, Samuel Mattine’s cosmetic procedures set new standards in safety, effectiveness and value for money.
  • Organise your pressure-free, obligation free-consultation with Samuel Mattine anytime to discuss your requirements and choose your ideal course of treatment. Call today to learn more about our elite cosmetic and functional procedures for Cheltenham and the surrounding region.


We all want a bright and youthful-looking face, which can give us the confidence needed to enjoy life to the fullest. Over time, the delicate skin on the face becomes thinner, wrinkles appear deeper and gravity takes its toll. This is where new-generation facelift surgery can help, which can now be customised to suit the unique requirements and priorities of each individual patient. Samuel Mattine provides a comprehensive range of face life treatments, including the comprehensive deep plane lift, the more targeted mid-facelift and the increasingly popular mini facelift. Whether you are looking to improve the appearance of your entire face or target problematic skin anywhere on your face or neck, you can count on Samuel Mattine to exceed your expectations. If you’d like to discuss your own bespoke Designer Facelift with Samuel Mattine, call anytime to book your obligation-free consultation.

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Neck Lift

The neck is one of several key areas of the body to give way to time prematurely. As we age, the elasticity and suppleness of the skin on and around the neck is gradually lost. This is when skin begins to sag, wrinkles appear deeper and youthfulness fades away. Neck lift surgery or platysmaplasty can be used to target problem areas on the neck, restoring suppleness to the chin and improving jawline definition. Alternative options include liposuction and Submentoplasty – both of which involve the targeted removal of fat deposits to create a smoother and more youthful look. All neck lifts carried out for patients in Cheltenham are tailored from scratch to meet the exact requirements of each person individually.

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Chin Surgery

A renowned specialist in the performance of precision chin implants and chin reductions for patients in Cheltenham, Samuel Mattine has extensive experience in all types of genioplasty and mentoplasty. From simple aesthetic corrections to major chin reconstruction surgery, new-generation procedures and prosthetics guarantee remarkable results for men and women alike. Alongside advanced mentoplasty and genioplasty, Samuel Mattine also provides a complete range of liposculpture, chin reduction and facial filler treatments of the highest quality. Whether you are unhappy with the shape of your chin or looking to correct one or more common signs of ageing, you will not find a more qualified or capable chin augmentation specialist.

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Nose (Rhinoplasty)

Advances in rhinoplasty surgery have paved the way for new-generation treatments of remarkable safety and effectiveness. One of the most extensively qualified and capable surgeons in his field, Samuel Mattine provides a comprehensive range of nose reshaping, revision and reconstructive procedures for all purposes. Cutting-edge aesthetic rhinoplasty provides patients with the opportunity to correct cosmetic issues, while advanced functional rhinoplasty addresses structural problems with associated health implications. Samuel Mattine is also experienced in all aspects of revision rhinoplasty, along with complex reconstructive rhinoplasty for patients with more extensive requirements. From simple cosmetic corrections to total nasal reconstruction surgery, Samuel Mattine sets the highest possible standard for specialist surgeons in Cheltenham.

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Brow Lift

Drooping brows and a heavy forehead can take a toll on a person’s confidence and self-esteem. One of the most common and noticeable signs of ageing, it’s also an issue that can be corrected quickly and effectively with a brow lift. Specialising in the most advanced browlift (aka forehead lift) procedures, Samuel Mattine knows how to reverse even the most visible and extensive signs of ageing. All brow lift surgeries are unique – tailored from scratch to meet the individual requirements of each patient. Minor brow lift procedures can often be performed under local anaesthetic, though a full forehead lift may require a general anaesthetic and a longer recovery period.

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Cheek Implant

The latest advances in buccal fat removal and cheek implant surgery have opened the doors to possibilities once considered inconceivable. Suitable for men and women of all ages, cheek augmentation surgery can quickly and permanently alter the physical structure of the face for improved definition and a youthful look. Cheek implant surgery involves the positioning of small implants through minor incisions around the eyes or mouth, which can effectively accentuate the cheekbones and correct common signs of ageing. Buccal fat removal achieves a similar effect by removing excess fat from the cheeks, reducing their prominence or bringing out the natural contours of the cheek bones. Whether you are interested in cheek implants, buccal fat pad extraction or any of our other corrective procedures, we’re standing by to take your call.

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Ear (Otoplasty)

Samuel Mattine is committed to cutting-edge ear reduction and reshaping of the highest quality, tailored from scratch to meet the exact requirements of each individual patient. Ear surgery – also referred to as Pinnaplasty and Otoplasty – can quickly and effectively correct a variety of structural and cosmetic issues concerning the ears. Our complete range of ear augmentation services extends to all types of routine corrections and advanced ear reconstruction procedures. Many of which can be performed under local anaesthetic, though more intensive corrective treatments may require a general anaesthetic. With the vast majority of ear treatments and corrections, the results are near-instant and can last a lifetime.

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Eyelid (Blepharoplasty)

It can be difficult to take pride in your looks if you are not confident about the appearance of your eyes. Unfortunately, the eyes are usually the first features of the face to begin showing signs of ageing, often making a person look older than they actually are. Blepharoplasty is a safe and painless procedure, which is capable of correcting drooping or sagging eyelids with incredible effectiveness. Excess skin and muscle tissue is trimmed through an incision on the crease of the eye, along with the removal of problematic fat deposits. The result of which is a smoother, tighter and more youthful appearance. Samuel Mattine also specialises in more advanced blepharoplasty to transform the physical shape of the eye, which can also result in a significantly brighter and more youthful appearance.

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Facial Reconstruction

One of the more extensive procedures carried out by Samuel Mattine, facial reconstruction is suitable for the correction of significant aesthetic and functional facial issues. From major forehead surgery to cosmetic jaw surgery to the treatment of mouth cancer, Samuel Mattine covers all requirements for patients in Cheltenham and the county of Gloucestershire. However complex or urgent your requirements may be, we’re standing by with the support you need to make the right choice. Call anytime to book your obligation-free consultation with Samuel Mattine.

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Lip Lift

The delicate tissues around the lips often give way to the signs of ageing prematurely. Lip fillers have become a popular choice for restoring a full and youthful look, though continue to provide short-term results at best. An alternative option being a precision lip lift, which can surgically correct a variety of common issues for much longer-term results. Contrary to popular belief, lift lids are suitable for men and women alike of all ages. Likewise, lip lifts and lip corner lifts can be carried out to achieve almost any result desired – not just the appearance of a full upper-lip.

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Skin Lesions

While most skin blemishes and imperfections pose no direct risk to health, others are indicative of more serious conditions. This is why it is important to have any suspect skin lesions examined and diagnosed by a qualified professional, in order to determine whether they are benign or otherwise. Samuel Mattine specialises in the fast, effective and safe removal of moles, cysts, warts and skin tags, which can be removed painlessly and permanently with minimal surgical intervention. In addition, Samuel Mattine has extensive experience in skin cancer management and the treatment of individuals diagnosed with various skin cancer types. Whether you are looking to correct a minor imperfection or in need of expert advice on a more serious issue, Samuel Mattine is standing by to take your call.

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Cosmetic Surgery for Men

Samuel Mattine is a recognised innovator and industry leader in all aspects of facial cosmetic and plastic surgery for men. Specialising in an extensive range of treatments tailored to the specific needs of male patients, Mr. Mattine covers all types of aesthetic and functional surgery for men in Cheltenham.

Just a few of Mr. Mattine’s specialist areas in the treatment of male patients include the following: Male Rhinoplasty, Bespoke Facelifts, Eyelid Surgery (Blephroplasty), Chin Surgery, Ear Correction, Neck Surgery, Cheek Surgery, Lip Correction.

In response to growing demand among male clients for safe, effective and advanced cosmetic procedures, Samuel Mattine is proud to offer a comprehensive range of services for men of all ages. Whether you are looking to turn back time with a bespoke facelift or considering comprehensive facial restructuring with chin augmentation, you’re in safe hands with Samuel Mattine.

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Non-Surgical Treatment

Many common complaints of an aesthetic nature involving the face can be corrected through entirely non-surgical means. Samuel Mattine is a leading specialist in all types of non-surgical cosmetic procedures, quickly and effectively delivering remarkable results with no invasive surgery required. Examples of popular non-surgical cosmetic treatments include Botox injections, facial fillers, laser skin treatments and chemical peels – all of which involve no downtime and the bare minimum recovery time. Visit and discover how Samuel Mattine continues to set new standards for advanced and non surgical treatments in Cheltenham.

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