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  • Samuel Mattine is a noted and respected surgeon, providing an extensive range of advanced facial procedures for patients in Bristol. By dedicating his practice exclusively to facial plastic surgery, Samuel Mattine is able to consistently outperform comparable surgeons and specialists across the UK.
  • Backed by many years of experience, Samuel Mattine leads the field in all types of surgical and non-surgical procedures for male and female patients of all ages. From the latest advances in rhinoplasty to the most dynamic range of facelift and neck lifts in the region, Samuel Mattine is committed to state-of-the-art cosmetic procedures of an entirely higher quality standard.
  • Call anytime to book your obligation-free initial consultation with Samuel Mattine, during which you’ll have the opportunity to discuss the available options and choose your ideal course of treatment. Alternatively, send us an email anytime and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Everyone wants to look their best, but it is difficult to take pride in your appearance with sagging skin and a dull complexion. Common signs of ageing like these may be inevitable, but this doesn’t mean they aren’t reversible. When skin becomes thinner and loses its youthful glow, why not turn back the hands of time with a bespoke facelift? Samuel Mattine provides the most extensive range of facelift of any cosmetic surgeon working in Bristol at the surrounding region. Choose from a mini facelift for targeted treatment of problem areas, a mid-facelift for broader improvements to the face or a deep-plane lift to extend the benefits of the treatment all the way to the neck. Today’s facelift surgery techniques allow for the most remarkable results to be delivered with minimal downtime and recovery time, often being performed under local anaesthetic. Contact us to learn more about our advanced cosmetic treatments in Bristol.

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Neck Lift

The thin and sensitive skin of the neck makes it particularly susceptible to drooping, sagging and losing its lustre with time. The good news being that when the elasticity and suppleness of the skin around the neck begins to subside, precision neck lift surgery or platysmaplasty can be used to reverse the issue entirely. Alongside conventional necklift surgery, increasingly popular options among patients in Bristol include liposuction and Submentoplasty. Both of which are safe and effective outpatient procedures, during which unwanted fat deposits are targeted and removed via a small incision to restore the skin’s smoothness and youthfulness. As with all surgeries performed by Samuel Mattine, every neck lift (or corrective procedure) is tailored to meet the unique requirements of the individual patient.

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Eyelid (Blepharoplasty)

The delicate skin around the eyes has a tendency to succumb to the tests of time prematurely. When the skin around the eyes loses its elasticity and begins to sag, it can make a person look older than they are. One of the most effective ways of turning back time is to undergo routine blepharoplasty. A specialism of Samuel Mattine, blepharoplasty involves the careful removal of excess skin and muscle tissue via a small incision, which also allows for problematic fat deposits to be addressed for enhanced evenness. With minimal recovery time and next to no residual scarring left behind, advanced eye surgery could hold the key to once again taking pride in your appearance. Whether you are ready to go ahead or simply considering eyelid surgery in Bristol, get in touch for more information.

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Nose (Rhinoplasty)

Rhinoplasty surgery has come a long way over recent years, with cutting-edge technology having brought about entirely new treatments of unprecedented safety and effectiveness. As a respected innovator in his field, Samuel Mattine is noted for his exceptional talents and capabilities in all aspects of nose surgery. Mr Mattine’s expertise extend to all four primary categories of rhinoplasty and nose reshaping:

Aesthetic rhinoplasty – addresses cosmetic issues with the shape, size or structure of the nose
Functional rhinoplasty – surgical procedures to correct issues affecting the comfort, health or wellbeing of the patient
Revision rhinoplasty – corrective procedures to address the dissatisfactory results of prior surgeries
Reconstructive rhinoplasty – extensive surgical procedures to rebuild the nose partially or its entirety, usually requiring multiple surgeries.

However routine or complex your requirements may be, you will not find a more capable or experienced nose surgeon in Bristol.

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Brow Lift

Sooner or later, the skin around the eyebrows and forehead succumbs to time and gives way to gravity. But while signs of ageing like these may be inevitable, they’re far from irreversible. By undergoing a specialist brow lift – aka forehead lift – you’ve every opportunity to turn back time and restore your skin’s youthful appearance long-term. All brow lift surgeries carried out by Samuel Mattine are unique, ensuring the expectations and requirements of each individual patient are fulfilled or exceeded. Minor incisions behind the hairline allow for the lifting and repositioning of the tissues beneath the skin, while eliminating visible scarring from the equation. Whether performed under local or general anaesthetic (depending on the extent of the procedure), Mr Mattine uses the latest techniques to minimise downtime for every patient.

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Ear (Otoplasty)

The latest advances in ear surgery have the advantage of being not only safe, but capable of delivering permanent results. Also referred to as Pinnaplasty and Otoplasty, ear augmentation it’s one of the most popular treatments carried out by Samuel Mattine for patients in Bristol. Ear reconstruction and augmentation can quickly and safely correct the position, the prominence and the physical structure of the ears. The supportive tissues and cartilage within the ear are adjusted through a small incision, after which the ear is sewn into position to heal. With no risk and relatively little recovery time, ear surgery can provide practically instantaneous results that often last a lifetime.

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Cheek Implant

As the surgery itself becomes simpler, safer and more effective than ever before, the popularity of cheek implants and cheek augmentation is growing among male and female patients alike. One particularly popular procedure is buccal fat removal – aka buccal fat pad extraction – which involves the physical removal of unwanted fat deposits to create a defined and youthful look. Mr Mattine’s experience and expertise in cheek augmentation also extend to cheek implant surgery, wherein custom implants are positioned within the cheeks via small incisions around the mouth or eyes. The result of which is an immediate and long-term improvement to overall facial structure, which creates definition accentuating the cheek bones.

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Chin Surgery

The chin is one of the most prominent and defining features of the face, playing a major role in its structure and appearance. As a leading innovator in the field of chin augmentation, Samuel Mattine has unrivalled experience in all types of genioplasty and mentoplasty. Genioplasty is a procedure that involves cutting the chin bone itself and restructuring the chin to create the desired shape, whereas mentoplasty involves the manipulation of the tissues and muscles around the chin. Alternative options available include facial fillers, liposculpture and precision chin reduction – often performed under local anaesthetic and with minimal downtime.

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Facial Reconstruction

Samuel Mattine is one of a select few cosmetic surgeons in the UK to be extensively experienced in all aspects of facial reconstruction. The more complex or extensive the requirement, the more important it is to work exclusively with a renowned surgeon you can trust. Facial reconstruction incorporates a variety of bespoke procedures and treatments, which include various types of jaw surgery, advanced forehead surgery and personalised treatments for patients with a mouth cancer. By providing the objective and impartial information you need to make the right decision, Mr Mattine will help you choose the best course of treatment to suit your requirements.

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Lip Lift

Lip fillers are great for turning back time on a strictly temporary basis, but aren’t nearly as effective or long lasting as the surgical lip lift. A safe and relatively simple procedure performed under local anaesthetic, lip lifts involve the surgical augmentation of the skin and subdermal tissues around the lips via discreet incisions. Suitable for men and women of all ages, lip lifts are capable of restoring tightness, evenness and youthfulness around the upper and lower lips, with almost no residual scarring involved. There’s also the increasingly popular option of a lip corner lift, which can be used to quickly and effectively reverse ‘sad mouth’ – an issue where the corners of the mouth sag and droop.

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Cosmetic Surgery for Men

It’s no longer unusual for men of all ages to take pride in their appearance. In fact, recent years have seen an enormous spike in the number of male patients considering or undergoing cosmetic procedures in Bristol.
Samuel Mattine is proud to offer the region’s most extensive range of specialist cosmetic treatments and procedures for male patients. From minor cosmetic enhancements to more advanced functional surgery, Mr Mattine covers all types of surgery for men including: Male Rhinoplasty, Eyelid Surgery (Blephroplasty), Chin Surgery, Ear Correction, Neck Surgery, Cheek Surgery, Bespoke Facelifts , Lip Correction.

Alongside these and other cosmetic treatments, Samuel Mattine also offers a comprehensive range of non-surgical treatments for male patients in Bristol and the surrounding region.

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Non-Surgical Treatment

The latest advances in non-surgical procedures already provide patients across Bristol with the opportunity to correct minor cosmetic complaints with no invasive surgery required. Specialising in all types of non-surgical procedures, Samuel Mattine offers an extensive range of treatments for men and women at competitive prices. Just a few examples of which include include Botox injections, facial fillers, laser skin treatments and chemical peels. All of which are safe, effective and painless, with no disruptive downtime to worry about.

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Skin Lesions

Imperfections of the skin are perfectly natural and the vast majority of blemishes are no real cause for concern. However, certain types of skin lesions pose a direct risk to health and therefore should be both diagnosed and removed at the earliest possible stage. In addition, any blemishes that affect your confidence can and should be addressed for the sake of your self-esteem. Samuel Mattine is a leading expert in the safe, efficient and painless removal of moles, cysts, warts and skin tags. From surgical removal to cryotherapy to the use of specialist topicals and chemical treatments, benign skin lesions can be quickly and permanently removed with no downtime involved. Where specialist care or treatment is required for skin cancer patients, Samuel Mattine provides bespoke skincare solutions and programmes of the highest quality.

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